October 2011 - Welcome to my latest grand obsession, V I N T A G E  C H R I S T M A S.

I've fallen madly in love with all things Christmas, from Victoriana in the late 1800's - to the flocked or sparkled waving Santas of the 1950's-60's.

Buy, buy, buy.

This baby is due. It's taken exactly 9 months to amass what would be a massive thirty year collection of Vintage Christmas... Literally, the most fun I've ever had by myself.


I love it so much that I want to share it with the world!   ...and maybe with you, too?

I'm going to do something (crazy) that no one else has thought of before...

Movable Museum.

I'm going to LOAN, ie; rent out - my priceless, timeless Christmas treasures - so that you can decorate your home for your Cookie Exchange parties (or, just plain ol' Christmas parties) authentically, by era. You'll be allowed to keep the packages until after the holidays are over. You'll have the decorations for 6-8 weeks depending on when you ordered and received the boxes. Send back when you dismantle the holidays and get back to your regularly scheduled life.


Like traveling in a time machine...you'll learn what the holidays were like from the late 1800's through the first seventy years of the last century; the world your parents, grandparents and great-grandparent inhabited. The items within my collection reflect the circumstances going on in the United States during various decades. My collections are designed to decorate your Christmas cookie exchange party in era specific themes, plus sub-themes within eras (50's,60's)... and they'll inform, delight and entertain you, your family and your guests.

If you enjoy the historical, and the beautiful, or the unusual and uncommon or can appreciate the sometimes strange items that don't exist anymore, then know that's what makes my Vintage Christmas collection special. If you're a crafter, like so many Cookie Exchangers/Bakers are.... then you'll love that approximately 75% of the collection is HAND-MADE.

The difference between new and old.
You know what else I love about Vintage Christmas? All items are pre-loved. You certainly cannot say that about the ornaments you buy at Wal-mart. We live in a very 'disposable' world.  However, the fact that so many Vintage Christmas items were kept safe, some surviving more than 100 years... it reveals a different consciousness than today. Though, many items and pieces were considered 'cheap' in their day, they were worth taking care of, treasuring and keeping for a lifetime, for either practical or sentimental purposes.

On this website, dear visitor, please enjoy the virtual journey through Christmas' past, by visiting the pages through the menu at top and consider making the Christmas of the past, your present.

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift and that's why it's called the present."